Fendi to Louis Vuitton: 7 iconic pieces from the world's most premier luxury brands

Classic, timeless, iconic - call these pieces whatever you want, these items have outlasted trends and fads. Check out 7 of the most iconic pieces from the best luxury brands in the world:

Classic, timeless, iconic – call these pieces whatever you want, these items have outlasted trends and fads. These iconic pieces from some of the biggest luxury brands on the planet truly have an interesting history and are an integral part of the fashion industry.

Visionary fashion houses like Saint Laurent, Chanel, Burberry and Dior have created pieces that are considered timeless. These fashion staples continue to be reinterpreted by various fashion houses every season but they can’t really match up to the effortlessly classy designs created by these fashion giants. Check out seven of the most iconic pieces from the best luxury brands in the world:

Burberry’s Tielocken trenchcoat

Burrberry’s Tielocken was worn by the military in the 1900s during World War I and went on to become a worldwide wardrobe staple. The coat featured a belt and was button-free but there are a bunch of variations available now. The original Tielocken still continues to be a timeless, iconic piece that fashionistas swear by!

Chanel 2.55

Can this list be complete without the first bag that Coco Chanel designed? In 1955, Coco Chanel changed handbag history with the introduction of the Chanel 2.55- it was practical for the everyday upper-class woman and was immediately a great success. For the first time, it was acceptable for upper-class women to carry a bag on their shoulders.

The Birkin Bag by Hermès

When the CEO of Hermès sat next to British singer/model Jane Birkin on a flight, Jane kept complaining that she never found the perfect weekend bag and described her dream bag to him. This inspired him to create the Birkin, which became the most recognized luxury handbag in the world. It found itself in the middle of a controversy 2 years ago when Jane Birkin asked the company to stop using her name for the bag when she found about that crocodiles are tortured and skinned alive to make the bags.

Christian Louboutin’s red bottoms

Painting the soles of his shoes red was not planned at all- designer Christian Louboutin was simply playing around with red nail-paint when he decided to cover the bottom of his heels with red nail paint and the design reached iconic status. Today, these red bottoms have become a must have for fashionistas everywhere.


YSL’s Le Smoking Suit

Believe it or not, this iconic piece was banned from restaurants in 1966. At a time when women wearing pants was considered inappropriate, Yves Saint Laurent introduced the Le Smoking suit, a tuxedo-style suit that instantly became the epitome of women empowerment. They traded their dresses for the suit and it became a symbol of sex appeal in the 60s and 70s. It was a statement for women, and it was liberating for those who did not seek to be bound in gender-defined sartorial choices.

The Chanel suit

In 1923, Coco Chanel created the Chanel suit but the tweed twinset failed to impress people. When she reintroduced the Chanel suit after the WWII, it was an instant hit and became one of Chanel’s most iconic creations. Today, it has a lot look-a-likes in the market and its minimalistic design has inspired a generation of designers.


 Salvatore Ferragamo’s Vara pumps

Salvatore Ferragamo’s daughter, Fiamma Ferragamo, designed these for the Italian brand Vara. The ballet-inspired pumps were loved by people because of their elegant yet easy-to-wear design. The ballet flats with a bow on top style still continues to be one of the hottest designs on the market.

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