Anushka Sharma, February is not dull. Sadly your latest photoshoot is!

This is definitely not the best you got Anushka and we know it!

Dear Anushka Sharma,

Dil pe pathar rakh ke maine yeh letter likh diya!‘ When I saw you, I instantly fell in love with you in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. All these years, your fashion sense has always been a top notch but this time your latest photoshoot disappointed me a lot. Not that, I did not try falling in love with it but then as you say, you can’t force your love on someone and the same thing happened with me this time.

I couldn’t help notice the bland reality of your latest shoot. Over the years, you have stunned us with your simply breathtaking magazine shoots and cover shots. Anushka, you among all your contemporaries have set a high benchmark and trust me, this was not even close to being good, forget about the best.


With all the pictures that have come up on social media from your latest shoot, all I can notice is you wearing a white-coloured outfit throughout! And then they (magazine people) say that the shoot is for the February issue. How is a month related to any specific colour? For that matter how is white specifically related to February?


The last time I checked, it was Vasant Panchami yesterday – an auspicious occasion where people wear colourful dresses.(Yes! At least not white!) The month in itself is colourful with Valentine’s Day, Chocolate Day and what not! Keeping that in mind, these photos backfired . . . big time!

anushka-sharma-3-photo-for-inuth anushka-sharma-5-photo-for-inuth anushka-sharma-photo-for-inuth

Clearly, this is not the best you got Anushka Sharma! Don’t get me wrong but when it comes to your dressing sense, you have worn several white-coloured outfits in the past which left me speechless. Don’t believe me? Believe this . . . .





anushka-sharma-7-photo-for-inuthAnd generally, when it comes to your magazine shoots, you have set the temperature soaring time and again. I can prove my point.


Anushka Sharma photoshoot

Anushka photoshoot
(Courtesy: Instagram)

Anushka Sharma

Having said that, this was definitely the worst photoshoot of yours. I rest my case!

Your fan (big time!)

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