9 fashion tips from Govinda that'll turn every haseena into your fan!

If there was ever a real fashion icon in the 90s, it has to be Govinda. Hands down. There are two reasons he was and still is the Hero no 1 of Bollywood- 1) His expressions and dance moves, 2) The sheer savagery he displayed with his choice of clothing.

Black pants and white shirts? Umm, think again broheim. He rocked yellow shirts, orange pants, and purple socks with such confidence and swag that he’d make you reevaluate everything in your wardrobe.  Fashion circuits and critics have slammed his outfit choices and called them eccentric, but isn’t every genius a little bit eccentric?

To celebrate his offbeat style, we’ve made a list of 11 fashion tips Govinda gave us in the 90s that are still pretty relevant today and will definitely make all the haseenas ask for your phone number. Here we go:

An element of surprise

Ladies love surprises. Wearing a formal 3-piece suit to a date is fine but if you really wanna floor the girl you have to surprise her. Nay, shock her. Show up wearing a brown ganji  with a baby pink scarf. Add a random guitar and helmet for quirk’s sake, of course. Do this and watch her fall in love instantly.

In case the date doesn’t go well

Always carry a camouflage jacket. In case you don’t like the girl, just wear it. You’ll seamlessly blend into the background (duh!) and escape the date easily.

Chicks love Daler

Everyone knows Daler Mehndi was the biggest heartthrob in the 90s. Them tunak tunaks can still make hearts race. Show up at an event dressed like Daler Mehndi and watch the ladies throw their mobile numbers at you!

Cosplay a little. Don’t be afraid.

So she wants you to pretend you’re the doodhwala and she’s the innocent house owner who opens the door. It’s okay, you wear the costume and role-play like a boss. Show the lady you’re a real sport. She’ll love it.

She doesn’t need a bag if you’re the bag.

Earn extra brownie points. Dress up like a generic black leather hand bag with a bunch of zippers on you. Watch her go aww as she stores her car keys, credit cards, cash, lipsticks, eyeliners, tissues, cheque books, TV remote and other important things inside you.

You need a tuxedo with built-in lights

How else is she going to know you’re the light of her life, literally?

Keepin’ it casual

If you’re going for a stroll and wanna attract the ladies, here’s the sure-shot formula: A denim cap, leather gloves and obviously a satchel that accentuates your strong pectoral muscles.

Look gorgeous everywhere

Don’t dress like a hobo just because you’re not going out today. What if a cute girl shows up at your door? Gotta be prepared and what screams prepared better than wearing shades inside your house.

Give her a little competition

Ladies love men who bring something to the table. Give them a little preview of what they’re dealing with. Pop open a few buttons and let em know they’ve got competition tonight. Flaunt what you got!