Birthday Special: 7 times Rekha proved these new-age actresses got nothing on her

Rekha is living proof that beauty is indeed timeless!

Rekha aka Bhanurekha Ganesan is synonymous with style, beauty, and elegance. The tales of her ethereal beauty have been passed on from our parents’ generation to ours and we’re pretty sure they will be passed on to our kids too!

Rekha had charm, grace, and oh boy, her acting. At the very beginning of her career, she was noted for her versatility and acknowledged by the Hindi film fraternity as one of the finest actresses in Indian cinema. Till date Bollywood has been unable to find another Rekha and given her inimitable style and flair, we’re pretty sure there can’t be another Rekha. Who can ever forget her mesmerising stint as a graceful courtesan in Umrao Jaan that won her multiple accolades and a National Film Award for Best Actress!

We aren’t saying that we don’t have amazing actresses in Bollywood today, but can anyone really match up to the standards Rekha has set over the years? Here are some images that pretty much prove that Rekha is still, and will always be, the queen bee of Bollywood.

Here we bring you 7 times when Rekha proved newbie actresses got nothing on her and left us completely shook:

When she looked like this at the age of 56. HOW?!


When she proved that there’s no such thing as too much red!

When she proved she can rock jeans and jackets as coolly as sarees:

When she slayed this Kanjivaram Saaree like nobody’s business:

When she looked like the award at IIFA:

When she set the benchmark for all Bollywood songs ever:

Every-time she attends an award function, there are at least 18398 shots of Rekha just being the savage diva she is:


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