6 hilarious outfits inspired by ridiculous Indian TV show characters

Indian TV shows and soaps make us go through every emotion humanly possible- sadness, happiness, anger, confusion, dafaq did I just see, wtf are they on? and pls just end this. A vast array of emotions. There’s just one thing our Indian TV shows fail to provide- fashion inspo. We’re the inquisitive ones who want to know WHY. We’ve got some amazingly crappy  offbeat and creative (read: borderline psychotic) TV shows, why is our fashion industry not drawing fashion inspiration from them? Bollywood could really take a lesson or two from these shows and amp up their style quotient.

The wait ends here. We took 6 iconic TV shows from the past and the present and have curated some amazing outfits for their fans. Trust us, once you go out wearing these, all eyes will be on you. Plus this is your only chance to display your love for these shows, let nothing hold you back.

Here’s our list of kickass TV show inspired outfits:


We all know Tulsi loves plates and dropping them is her hobby. So obviously, she’d love this plate dress we’ve found. And if you drop plates faster than Diplo drops the beat, here is something for you:
TV inspired outfits


Our Naagin is pretty slick. Here’s the perfect bodysuit for all the Naagin super fans out there. You can definitely give her some major competition here:

TV inspired outfits

Makkhi aka simar

We have no idea why the protagonist turned into a fly. And even if you are a fan, you can’t turn into a makkhi. But yeah you can pretty much get your Makkhi on:



The woman who never ages. Well, her look might give you some help for your next Halloween costume. No?



Just get some Ugly Betty merchandise. They’re literally the same ffs.





Pehredar Piya Ki

Okay, so there’s this new show about a 10-year-old marrying a 20-something (thx pedophilia thxx). If this is something you dig ( I swear we’re this close to calling the cops) get these I love kids tees. Just add a literally at the end of the sentence. Literally.


Which of these outfits are you ready to rock today?