5 reasons why we don't want low-rise jeans back into our lives

Here's why you should say goodbye to the old pair of low rise jeans that is still lying in your closet

Low-rise jeans have haunted our lives for about a decade or so. As jeans went through phases with embellished, ripped, baggy and thong, our curiosity knew no bounds.

Amid all these popular trends, the one that most of us followed and went crazy for was the ‘low-rise jeans’. To those who earned a pair, we know it’s hard to forget how difficult it is to tackle the low-rise jeans. The constant struggle to wear them and to keep them on.

It was either too tight or too low at all points in the day. While low rise jeans were a rage in the early 2000s, we strongly believe that it was the worst denim fashion trend ever and should definitely never make a comeback ever. But after seeing them in several recent fashion shows and zillion of Instagram feeds, rumours have it that this trend might make a comeback.

And, in case you don’t agree with us, we’ve listed out five reasons why we should all bid adieu to that old pair of low-rise jeans bunched up in the corner of your closet:

1) Health alert!

Let’s not put our bodies through abdominal pain from a hernia. Putting pressure on the sensory nerves of the thigh can cause severe pain and paresthesia. One major reason to avoid wearing those tight low-rise skinny jeans.

2) Hate the ‘love handles’

Skinny or not, a low-waist jeans is a big no-no because of the pressure it creates on your waistline, making you look out of shape. The love handles are not cute because the pain is just too much to handle.

3) Constantly pulling up your jeans

Low rise jeans = Pulling it up every second you’re wearing it, attempting to keep it in place. It’s absolutely crazy how even after pulling it up every-second-of-every-day, they always seem to be slipping away, inch after inch.

4) Too uncomfortable

You can’t dance like no one’s watching, can’t sit freely and just forget bending down. Why? Because the innerwear or the bum cleavage is always playing peek-a-boo.

5) Pockets or no pockets, it’s all the same

While it is hard to imagine jeans without pockets, it is more disheartening to see a pair where the pockets are absolutely useless. Like the ones in low-rise denim, which doesn’t even have enough space to keep the smallest of things.

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