10 super expensive UGLY luxury dresses that will make you puke

Who even buys these?

Are you a shopaholic? Even if you’re not, you’d agree with the following statement: “If a thing costs a crap load of money, it needs to worth every penny, amirite? ” So when you buy a dress that sets you back a few lakhs, the least you’d expect from that dress is to look pretty. But luxury brands have a different vision altogether. When you hear names like Chanel, Givenchy and Balenciaga you think luxury. You think couture. You think red carpet gowns and dresses. Granted that most of their dresses are straight out of a fashionista’s look-book, some of the outfits they’ve made will leave you asking why the actual f**k would someone pay lakhs of rupees for THIS!

Check out some of these hideous dresses with price tags that’ll make you faint:

Givenchy Shearling Long Jacket With Contrasting Collar

Okay, first of all this looks like something Satan would wear if he was a fashionista. Add a pitchfork and the look would be perfect. The excessive long coat with unnecessary cuts in a bid to look aesthetic just look tacky. And what’s with that canary yellow collar? Eye sore much? This piece costs Rs 4,51,372.17 + tax. Yes, we’re not even kidding.

Chanel White Black Metallic Tweed Dress

As much as we love classic Coco Chanel signature pieces from the 70s, and the 70s is gone. These look good on the runway, not IRL. This piece costs Rs 3,37,317 + tax. If you’re into dressing like a chic grandma from the 70s, go ahead.

Versace Mini Dress

This looks like something Hugh Hefner would wear and honestly no one else should wear this. This ‘robe-esque’ dress costs Rs 1,12,293 and we still can’t figure out why.

BALENCIAGA Pleated Midi Dress

Would you like to spend Rs 94,905 and look like a black hot air balloon? Okay.

DOLCE & GABBANA’s Rose Embroidered Sequin Dress

This is what happens when you let Bappi Lahiri design dresses. Priced at Rs 12,97,084, this piece is perfect for when you’re going to meet your enemies because they’ll probably gouge their eyes out.

Dolce and Gabanna’s Piano Skirt

Want to look like an overgrown kid wearing piano themed outfits? All you gotta do is spend Rs 4,39,941.

D and G Bustier Flower Dress

Straight outta Barbie’s closet and into yours only for Rs 3,35,481.

Gucci Floral Patchwork Silk Midi Dress

 The next time you want to dress like a clown, head to the nearest Gucci store with Rs 2,09,410 to spare! 


Stella McCartney Elena Lace Maxi Dress

Want to look like a chic chudail (no offense)? Ditch the white saree and wear this instead! The wallet damage? Rs 2,09,843.