Expelliarmus to Avada Kedavra: 10 of the most powerful spells in the Harry Potter universe

From over 100 different spells in the Harry Potter universe, we bring you 10 of the most powerful that can do more damage than just break your bones

Editor’s note: As the last chapter in the last book of the Harry Potter series ended on 1 September 2017, InUth will revisit the franchise and bring you a series of interesting articles pertaining to the books.

Swish and flick.

The best thing about reading the Harry Potter books and watching the movie adaptations is the use of magic through wands. Whether it is depicting an abnormally large snake completely made of fire or diving deep into the victim’s mind, spells, charms and hexes form the crux of the Harry Potter universe. Even the most ordinary spells of unlocking doors or pitching up a tent seem so breathtakingly interesting that we sometimes wish under our breaths that we were holding the ebony or elder wands made of phoenix or thestral hairs.

Here are 10 of the most powerful spells that made us go wow:

10. Expelliarmus

Also known as the Disarming Spell, it forces the victim to release whatever they are armed with. Commonly used in duels, this was Harry Potter’s signature spell that he used it to cause Lord Voldemort’s death by rebounding the Killing Curse.

9. Obliviate

The memory charm is used to erase memories of a particular person or incident from the individual’s mind. The charm was regularly used in the Harry Potter books to erase the memories of Muggles who witness something related to the wizarding world. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher accidentally used the charm on himself and suffered extreme obliviation.

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8. Fiendfyre

The spell creates great spirits of fire which burns anything that comes in its path. The fire is near impossible to control and is infused with dark magic, taking the shape of abnormally large-sized beasts and monsters such as snakes, dragons and chimaeras.

7. Stupefy

The Stunning Spell renders the victim unconscious and is commonly used in duels. It stuns the victim in the middle of their actions. If directed by multiple people at once towards a single person, the spell can also prove to be fatal.

6. Imperio

The Imperius Curse is one of the three Unforgivable Curses and it places the victim completely under the caster’s control. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pius Thicknesse was appointed the Minister of Magic under the Imperius Curse so as to aid the Death Eaters.

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5. Legilimens

The Legilimency Curse allows the caster to interrogate the victim by delving into their mind, permitting the caster to see their memories, emotions and thoughts.

4. Expecto Patronum

The Patronus Charm is used in the Harry Potter universe against in defence against the soul-sucking Dementors and is performed with extreme difficulty. The charm conjures a magical creature which is unique to every person. Patronuses can also travel and act as messengers. The Patronus often mutates to take the form of that of the loved one.

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3. Sectumsepra

Invented by Severus Snape during his childhood, this spell inters deep wounds on the victim’s flesh as if slashed by a sword used from a distance. The victim is at the risk of dying from the deep cuts and blood loss if the wounds are not healed immediately. Harry used the spell on Draco Malfoy, not knowing what the spell was capable of inflicting.

2. Crucio

Also known as the Cruciatus Curse, it is the second of the three Unforgivable Curses and inflicts and excruciating pain on the victim. The pain is described as “one thousand white-hot knives, boring into the skin”. The pain can also cause permanent mental injury if imparted for a prolonged time as in case of Neville Longbottom’s parents who were permanently interred at St Mungo’s hospital. To perform the curse, the caster must have a clear intent to inflict pain and must show sadistic tendencies.

1. Avada Kedavra

Also known as the Killing Curse, it is the most powerful and sinister spell and is the last of the three Unforgivable Curses. When cast successfully, a flash of green light is emitted from the caster’s wand and it kills the living being instantaneously. It was the signature spell of Lord Voldemort and the only person who survived the spell was Harry Potter himself.

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