From bull semen to bird poop, 7 shocking beauty treatments that celebs swear by!

Beauty isn't just facials and massages now, there's fire, leeches and bird poop involved! Check out some really bizarre beauty treatments

The beauty market has changed a lot over the past few years. There are now loads of new and pretty unconventional treatments and spa methods that you probably have never heard of! Right from setting your face on fire to splattering bird poop on your face, these new and unconventional beauty treatments are definitely not for the faint-hearted. And while we all know that celebs go through a lot of pain to look beautiful, here are some offbeat beauty treatments that most celebs swear by and boast about their advantages on their social media:

Vampire facelift

Kim Kardashian’s post-vampire facelift picture went viral last year to all the people who want to know what happens: Blood is sucked out from your arms and other body parts and injected into your face!

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Blood-Sucking Leech Therapy

Celebs like Demi Moore and Miranda Kerr swear by this therapy! Leeches are placed on your face to feed on you and then the blood they suck out of your face is smeared all over your skin like a mask. This is supposed to tighten your skin! This treatment sucks, quite literally.

24-Carat Gold Facial

Celebs like Bar Refaeli love the 24k magic, which isn’t as bizarre as it is extravagant.  It costs somewhere around INR 42,000-50,000 and they pour melted gold onto your face that melts almost immediately! It gives you dewier skin and a glow that lasts for weeks.

Gold facial

Gold facial
(Photo: dreamstime)

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Bull semen conditioner 

Okay now, this one is just disturbing. Started by a salon in London, the bull semen conditioning therapy found fans amongst many English celebs. The protein in the semen adds volume and shine to the hair.

Snake venom

Gwyneth Paltrow loves Snake venom facials that produce anti-aging benefits when applied to the skin. Celebs swear by this treatment that creates Botox-like effects without the chemicals and risks!

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Bird poop

The Beckhams are ardent followers of the bird poop facial that originated in Japan. Bird poop is powdered and then applied to your face as a face pack. It is said that this treatment makes your skin supple and smooth!

Fire facial

A hot favorite in both Hollywood and Bollywood, fire facials are done by soaking a towel in alcohol and a secret ingredient is put on the face. The towel is lit for some time and is extinguished. This treatment gives you younger, wrinkle-free skin.



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