Beauty tutorial: 5 tips to master the art of applying eyeshadow [Watch]

Eye makeup makes a lot of difference to your look and appearance. If worn the right way, it can leave people mesmerised with your eyes. But if it goes wrong, you might have yourself ready for a Halloween party. It is very important to pay attention to how you wear your eyeshadow in your day to day life. Remember that knowledge is power and to make you powerful, here we have put together five handy tips to wear your eyeshadow the perfect way.

Know your eye shape: Knowing your eye shape will help you learn about different shading techniques that work best for you. These types include Monolid- no defined crease, double lids-eyes with a fold above the lash line visible when eyes are open, Hooded eyes-the lid and crease are not visible when eyes are open, Almond eyes-the outer corner and inner corner are approximately aligned with one another. Other types include-unturned eyes, downturned eyes, deep-set eyes, protruding eyes, close-set eyes and wide-set eyes, downturned eyes, deep-set eyes, protruding eyes, close-set eyes and wide-set eyes.

Primer is must: Don’t miss on Primer as this makes your eyeshadow look better by solving the problem of eye creased and oily lids. However, if you are not available with any primer, concealer with thicker consistency can also serve the purpose.

High-quality eyeshadow brush: Perfect blending is what you need for a perfect eyeshadow and this perfect blending requires the use of decent brushes for the purpose. Remember that blending eyeshadow with those itty bitty sponges is never a good idea.

White works: Applying a white base first will make your eyeshadow colour look more. The perfect way to use it is blending it all over your eyelid and then apply your eyeshadow on top. You can even use this white base to give an instant brow lift as they can easily hide any errant eyebrow between threading points. Just remember a nice blend matters here too.

Alcohol is the fixer: The easiest and economical way to fix your broken eyeshadow is adding a few drops of alcohol to it. Mix it well, smooth it out, press it flat with a tissue and then let it dry.