Body, food and grooming superstitions Indians must stop believing in 2017

We are loaded with superstitions, weird beliefs and think that a cat or peacock can alter the fate of our journey.

Owing to a strange mixture of our ancient culture, rich mythology, the plurality of beliefs and ideological tiff, we are loaded with superstitions, weird beliefs and think that a cat or peacock can alter the fate of our journey. Let’s look at few such beliefs that you must break in 2017.

No TTS shave or cut

Shaving (Photo: Dreamstime)

Shaving (Photo: Dreamstime)

Weirdest of all is- Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are sure to bring you bad luck for some reason if you cut your nails, or shave on these days. Because if you do, your luck would favor you only when you’ve dug your nail pieces in the ground.

(Reason- Sruti Srinavasa on Quora says- “Absence of sophistication put in restrictions, and hurt is always a distractor from rituals or just spoils moods”)

Lemon-chili totem

Yes! We ward off the evils by hanging a bunch of lemon and chilies outside our dwellings. Instead, go and grab them, squeeze the lemon on your bread to add flavor to your breakfast. You don’t want spirits to have a good feast!

(Reason- Vipul Mehta on Quora asserts- “Your strong protection will be transferred to lemon and chilies and bound by threads. So no one can harm you and your things is a belief system and ritual”)

Three anything

Serving three anything is a dining table superstition that stamps you as an enemy to the others. Let’s not care about the numbers because ‘three’ is the charm!

(Reason- Just a traditional belief/myth)

Of course the number 13

We all know how badass number 13 can be. Do not let the most unlucky number destroy your fun. When you guys are thirteen in number, enjoy your feast without a second thought. And don’t worry, the last to leave won’t be the first to die!

(Reason- According to “It’s said that Judas Iscariot — the one who betrayed Jesus — was the 13th man to take his place at the table”)

Rebirth of tooth

Seen Life of Pi? Pi finds a tooth in an island. Your own tooth will suffer the same fate if you try to get a new one by burying the broken bit on earth. Rather than the burial of broken tooth, brush twice daily!

(Reason- Just a traditional belief/myth)

So, here’s to the crazy superstitions, guys! Let’s forgo our past because life is crazy and fun without superstitions.