4 Basic Eyeliner Hacks That Could Save You A Ton Of Time

P.S.: Don't forget to keep an earbud handy.

Can you image Adele without her iconic eyeliner? Amy Winehouse without her famous winged cat-eye? Obviously not. It’s almost impossible to imagine these celebs without their eyeliner, because, that’s a part of their personality.

Winged liners can be of different kinds they all look pretty fantastic, TBH, but it requires the same kind of precision it requires. If you too mess with your eyeliner quite often, we have rounded up four simple hacks.

1) Create a line of dots on your lash line and then simply join them for the perfect winged eyeliner.

2) It just takes a spoon to get the perfect winged eyeliner.

3) Or a tape could just help you with the precision bit.

4) When you manage to finally ace the eyeliner, here’s one last hack to make it last longer and avoid smudging. Dust the eyeliner slightly with a matching eyeshadow to prevent it from smudging.

P.S.: Don’t forget to keep an earbud handy.