7 things you should never include in your cover letter

Are you planning to apply for a job in your dream company? Make sure you don't make these mistakes in your cover letter

A cover letter is one of the most important parts of your job application. It not only helps you to demonstrate why you are the best fit for a position but also assists you to secure an interview with your hiring manager. It gives you an opportunity to showcase your skills even before your hiring manager gets a chance to go through your resume.

Needless to say, you can leave no room for error while penning down your thoughts on this vital piece of document. It is imperative that it gives out relevant information to your hiring manager in the most succinct manner.

So folks, here’s a list of things you should avoid in your cover letter:

1) Incorrect information
Facts can be verified and so it is important that you mention only the skills or qualifications that you have. Stretching the truth can prove to be catastrophic at times. Stick to the point and be factually correct.

2) Long paras
Hiring managers read dozens of cover letters every day. They know when you are being excessively flattering and when you are shrugging off the dust under the carpet. Avoid long paras and limit your cover letter to a single page.

Tip: Keep it simple and straightforward.

3) Explanation for leaving past job
Your cover letter is a place where you demonstrate why you are an ideal candidate for the company. It is not a place where you discuss a contentious relationship with your previous employer. Maintain a positive tone in your cover letter.

4) Addressing the letter to the wrong person
One of the biggest blunders that you can commit while writing a cover letter is addressing it to the wrong person or using the wrong name. It shows lack of attention to detail and a casual attitude.

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5) Highlighting lack of specific skills
It’s easy to feel vulnerable when you have a limited skill set. But your cover letter is not a place where you highlight your shortcomings. Turn your negative points into positive ones and tell your hiring manager how your skill set makes you an ideal fit for the position that you have applied for.

6) Lack of attention to detail
Your cover letter might be a document glorifying your skills. However with typos and grammatical errors they can sink your ship to the bottom of the ocean. Triple check your cover letter for errors and typos before you email it to your hiring manager.

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7) Talking about money
While money is an important factor while negotiating for any job, but your cover letter is not a place to discuss your salary. It makes the hiring manager believe that you are applying for the job just for the money, which in turn creates a negative image.

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