Youth who attacked Kapil Mishra is an AAP volunteer, quit his job to work for the party: Report

Sacked Delhi minister Kapil Mishra was attacked by a man during an indefinite hunger strike at his residence in New Delhi on Wednesday

Kapil Mishra who was recently sacked from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was attacked on May 10 by a youth outside his residence where he was sitting on a hunger strike. The man who allegedly went up to Kapil Mishra and slapped him has been identified as Ankit Bhardwaj.

According to a report in Hindustan Times, the man is an AAP supporter and is a chartered accountant by profession. The report further suggested that the young man left his job to be an AAP volunteer. “He has been a volunteer with the Aam Aadmi Party since 2014 in Mundka assembly constituency. He is associated with a mohalla clinic in west Delhi’s Mundka,” Hindustan Times quoted Jatin Narwal, DCP (north) as saying.

During the interrogation, Ankit reportedly told the police officials that he was disturbed with the escalating tensions within the party. The report further suggested that Ankit told the security officials he only intended to go and have a “discussion” with Mishra.

“When his hand moved forward during the discussion with Mishra, it was construed as an assault. He insists he did not hit Mishra and is angry that he was not getting his answers from the former minister. Even if we assume that he did assault Mishra, it was not a pre-planned move,” a senior police officer told Hindustan Times.

Meanwhile, Mishra has affirmed that he will continue with an indefinite hunger strike till some of the senior AAP leaders do not furnish the details of their abroad trips. He also asserted that he did not require security and has also asked his supporters to not retaliate to any attack.

“Some people tried to attack me but they were stopped by my followers. I have told my supporters that if they manhandle anyone, even the person who came to attack me, I will give up water,” Mishra told media.