You're not alone, phone snatchers have targets too. How minors are trained to steal phones

If you think you're the only person to have targets at work, think again! Professionals are training minors to be phone snatchers

While the issue of phone snatching has become rampant in various areas of Delhi, it is said that the phone snatchers are following a certain method to perform the task. The Delhi Police has asserted that while speaking to accused apprehended for snatching mobile phones, they figured that they follow a particular method to snatch phones.

According to a report in Indian Express, criminals hire youth without a job and train them to snatch mobile phones. The criminals also reportedly assign the youths a weekly target. The Delhi cops made the revelation after they managed to nab 2 under-age youths while they were trying to find a “target” and flee on their motorbike from Lutyen’s Delhi.

The youth caught by the police told the officials that they were hired by a person residing in old Delhi and were given weekly targets. They further told the police they got the money on the basis of the number of the phones snatched and the quality of the mobile phone. The man who would pay the snatchers and allegedly sell the phone in various parts of the country.

“They train these youths, mostly minors, on how to snatch mobiles and flee the spot. They also tell them where exactly to dump stolen mobiles. Many of them join because it is a way to make easy money,” Indian Express quoted a police source as saying.

The police official told the daily that while people travelling in a car do not have to face the issue of phone snatching usually, people walking on road, people on bike, auto, rickshaws are the easy targets for these phone snatchers. “Those either on foot or travelling in autos and rickshaws are most vulnerable. While three- wheelers often get stuck in traffic, the snatchers come on a motorcycle or scooter, snatch phones, and disappear,” the police officer told the daily.

The security officials have reportedly identified two gangs operating from various parts of the country who lure youth into doing the jobs. The gangs also apparently clash amongst each other over the area they get to control.

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