Young India's thoughts on homosexuality, marriage & live-in relationships will shock you

While you might believe that the youth is constantly striving to break the regular norms and change the existing circumstances, turns out some are not.

Turns out, the attitude of the youth towards the holy matrimony is far diverse than our parents or grandparents. Not that the youth have lost faith in the institution of marriage but they sure have become uncertain about it.

The Hindustan Times and MaRS recently conducted a youth survey and discovered pretty interesting things on their option about various important issues in the country including marriage and homosexuality.

As per the survey, only 22.4% of the men and 19.2% of the women polled think that their ongoing relationship will culminate into marriage. Which meant that more than half the men questioned believed that they might not marry the person they were in a relationship with.

Whereas, over 74% men and 72% women said that they share a “close” or “very close” relationship with their parents. Additionally, opposing the general belief that a person shared an extremely close bond with their best friends, only 36% of the men and women concluded that they were close to their best friends.

Although you might want to assume that if the men and the women fear the idea of marriage and thus might prefer a live-in-relationship, that is not the case either. Of course, a larger section of the boys and girls preferred a live-in relationship while some remained indecisive, 46.3% of the men and 48.9% of the women said they did not want to get into a live-in-relationships.

What was shocking is that, despite coming a long way while claiming to be the nonjudgemental modern youth, inter-caste marriage and homosexuality continue to be frowned upon.

55% of the men and 57% did not support inter-caste marriage while 60% men and 65% women were against homosexuality. The fact that the large section of the society including to the youth who happen to be the future believes that homosexuality is “unnatural” and the other reasons plaguing the LGBT community just goes on to prove how backward we still are.