You will never be able to guess why a Delhi man chopped off a puppy's legs

This recent brutal incident against animals in the capital city will leave you in shock. The sinful act of a Delhi man is a tight slap to Humanity

Dogs are considered to be Man’s best friends. But in a recent shocking incident, a Delhi man completely contradicted this statement. He brutally lopped off a puppy’s legs with a hacksaw after it gave him a slight scratch.

This ferocious incident took place on December 2 when the accused offered food to the puppy after it  sneaked into his residence. The puppy became avid seeing the food and scratched the man out of excitement. As a result of this he burst out in anger, went inside to get the blade and chopped of puppy’s legs(a front and a back leg).  The man’s name has been identified as Pramod and he lives in the Dwarka region of Southwest Delhi.

Under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, the police has initiated the action against the accused.  Surender Kumar- DCP Southwest Delhi tweeted  “Punitive proceeding u/s 11 of PCA has been initiated against the offender at PS Palam”.

As per the activists’ reports the cruelty against animals has raised up by 80%. This is not the only incident that has occurred but in the past few days many such incidents had taken place. A number of animal cruelty incidents have been reported across the nation in the past few months.

This particular incident came just months after a three puppies were burnt alive by a group of boys. The young men even had the audacity to film the video and share it on Facebook.

Before, two medical students flung a small dog from the terrace in Chennai.