You could be suspended for clicking selfies, brushing hair or modeling around at Miranda House

Students attending the School of Open Learning’s (SoL) centre at Miranda House have been banned for clicking selfies or even brushing their hair on campus.

In an absolutely bizarre move, the Delhi University just put up a notice saying that a student was not allowed to click selfies, brush their hair or even “model” around the corridors anymore. The notice made it clear that the new norm was applicable to the students attending Sunday classes at School of Open Learning (SOL) at the Miranda House of the Delhi University.

The notice further states that any student breaking the norm could face suspension or could be even asked to leave the campus. The college authorities apparently believe the students are wasting their time by indulging in these activities that only divert their attention from studies.

“The faculty and staff members at the Miranda House College are striving hard to ensure better education for the students. We are that the women students are benifitting from this opportunity and concentrate on studies. However, a number of women are seen clicking selfies, brushing their hair and modelling in the corridors of the college. This is nothing but wastage of time. The college authorities will not allow this. If any student is found wasting their time by indulging in these activities, they could be suspended from the classes they plan to attend that day. They will also be asked to leave the college premises,” the notice in Hindi read.

While this particular notice raises issues od moral policing on the students studying in the college, Pratibha Jolly, the college principal, claimed that the notice was issued just to ensure the safety of the students.

A number of students have termed the move as “misogynistic” and demanded that if they were the asked to follow this rule, the students who are attending regular classes in the college should be asked to do the same.

Some of the students even went on to claim that the some of women students who were attending the part-time classes are a number of times asked to leave the lawn.