'Yamraj' descends on earth to warn those who use cell phones while driving

"The fear of death is a powerful deterrent. Our plan is to play on this fear", said an official of Pune traffic police department

Now, you dare to speak on the mobile phone while driving, because if you do Yamraj (Hindu god of death) along with companion Chitragupta ( a mythological figure who is in charge of deciding who goes to heaven or hell after death) will come to teach you a lesson. Yes, you heard it right.

Before you think it to be some bizarre news, let us explain that it is a part of an initiative taken by Pune traffic police in which a volunteer dressed up as Yamraj along with Chitragupta will appear if they find people talking on the phone while driving in order to curb the phone mania. Also, Yamraj will tell people not to use the phone while on the road as it can be very dangerous for their lives.

According to a report in Pune Mirror, in order to create fear in the minds of people, Yamraj will then ask those caught using the phone while driving, ‘ Yayche ahe ka’ (Do you want to come with me?’ ) in Marathi.

M P Sartape, an assistant police inspector from the Pune traffic police department said, ” The fear of death is a powerful deterrent. Our plan is to play on this fear. The common psychology is such that human beings are far more likely to do something if a reward is imminent. Charging hefty fines won’t create much of an impact on motorists. But, the face of Yamraj will haunt them the next time they answer a call while on the road.”