Won't offer 'funeral namaz' to those who indulge in cow slaughter: Muslim clerics

Meanwhile, the AISPLB said that the support for a cow slaughter ban was based on a fatwa issued by a Shia cleric in Iraq, Maulana Ayatollah Basheer Najafi.

In a bid to restore communal harmony between the Hindus and Muslims, clerics in Garhmukteshwar of Uttar Pradesh have found out a new way to discourage the practice of cow slaughtering. They have decided not to offer funeral prayer (namaz-e-janaza) of those who indulge in slaughtering of cows.

Apart from this, the clerics have also decided to boyott those who make arrangements for DJs and fireworks at the Nikah ceremony. The decision was taken during ‘Follow Islam and avoid wrong practices’ conference.

Speaking at the conference, Mufti Mohammad Anas of Dargah Sharif Jama Masjid, said, “For the sake of peace and communal harmony, we should not hurt the sentiments of our Hindu brothers and shouldn’t indulge in cow slaughter.”

“These days communal incidents are taking place across the country over the issue of killing cows, so we should not do something which creates tension everywhere,” he added.

To make people follow their directive, the clerics have warned the people of their community that if they’ll indulge in cow slaughter, then they won’t offer the last funeral prayers in any case. They have also said that they won’t take part in the Nikah ceremony as well.

Meanwhile, the ALL India Shia Personal Law Board had recently asked the central government to enact a law to ban triple talaq and declared its support for a ban on cow slaughter across the country. The board has also endorsed the Supreme Court’s suggestion to settle the Ayodhya dispute out of court amicably.

A board member said that the support for a cow-slaughter ban was based on a fatwa issued by a Shia cleric in Iraq, Maulana Ayatollah Basheer Najafi.