Women who arouse man by wearing revealing clothes should be drowned: Kerala priest

A Kerala priest said, "women who wear jeans, T-shirt and shirts, and arouse men by wearing half-nude attire, should be drowned in the sea."

Regressive comments on woman are not new to the Indian society. The latest in the charade of cheap remarks against the fairer sex is a Kerala priest who has questioned the dressing style of women these days.

He believes woman who expose their skin should be drowned as they are responsible for arousing man and make them commit sins.

A video was posted on Facebook which was sourced from Shalom TV. The video,  posted on February 25 by Jasmine PK , has gone viral since then.

In the video the priest can be seen saying, “When I go for prayer meetings in some churches, especially during the Holy Mass, I feel like leaving because of some women who I see in front of me. I feel it’s better to kick them out of the church premises.”

He said, The best suited attire for women is ‘churidaar’, but these days, when Satan enters them, women throw away the ‘dupatta’. They walk around without shawls.”

They will wear jeans, trousers, shirt or T-shirts, and will have a mobile phone in their hands. They wouldn’t even tie their hair. They do this get attention. I don’t know why these “things” come to the church.

He further added, Here’s my question to women – “Did the Catholica Church give you permission to wear what men wear?” Okay, let’s keep the church away. Did the Holy Bible give you permission?”

Let me tell you what the Bible says. “Men should not wear women’s clothes, women should not wear men’s clothes. If you do, you disregard god.” Will you get mercy if you go against god and then act in the church as if you’re more devoted than your mother?, he went on ahead with his remarks.

Many boys, after prayer meetings, come to me and say, “the moment we get out of the church we see women wearing half-nude clothes. We get aroused and slip into sin”.