Woman donates entire life's saving of Rs 40 lakh for building 'Gaushala'

Phoolwati does not like to talk about giving away of her life savings for the construction of cow shelter. She said she wants to spend the rest of her life by serving Lord Krishna

It’s not usual when we come across people who have done a commendable act of charity by donating whatever they have according to their capacity. But a 70-year-old woman who hails from Madhya Pradesh has given all her life savings for the construction of cow shelter in Vrindavan where she now resides.

Phoolwati has given Rs 40 lakh for the construction of gaushala (cow shelter). She is from Katni village in Madhya Pradesh and came to Mathura in the year 1982, five years after the death of her husband. She collected the amount over the years by taking care of the shoes of devotees at gate number 2 of Banke Bihari temple and by selling her property. However, this is not the end as she is now planning to build a cow shelter in Barsana also with the help of donations.

As per the Times of India report, 70-year-old Phoolwati on donating her life savings said, “Cow shelters are the best way to honour Lord Krishna, which is why I put in everything I had to build one”.

However, Phoolwati does not like to talk about the charity that she has done for the construction of cow shelter but admitted that she sold her property worth Rs 37 lakh and from some other savings she bought a land in Vrindavan to make cow shelter on it. She said that she wants to spend her life by serving Lord Krishna.

Pushpa Devi, who is Phoolwati’s roommate for last 20 years said, “Amma ji has given away everything she had. Whatever donations she gets, she either spends it on performing rituals in the temple or gives it away to the needy.”