Woman arrested in Saudi Arabia. Her crime? She wore a mini skirt and crop top

A woman was arrested in Saudi for wearing a mini skirt and crop top in public. Her viral video has created a massive stir on social media

Saudi police have arrested a woman for wearing a mini skirt and a crop top in a video that is now being shared widely on social media. The woman was video graphed while she was at an archaeological site in Saudi which is known for their strict dressing laws. The women in Saudi Arabia are apparently not allowed to move freely in public without a long black garment called abaya and their scarf that covers their head.

The woman who has not been identified as yet was seen walking through the archaeological site with open hair and short clothes leading to a massive debate on women rights on social media. Local reports suggested that police has arrested her on charges of donning ““indecent clothing”. She is currently being interrogated by the police officials.

However, some reports suggest that the girl has claimed that a male guardian had accompanied her to the place and she had not broken Saudi laws that prohibit women from travelling alone. She further claimed that the video was posted by someone else online without her permission. While some lashed out at her for the kind of clothes she wore, some went on to laud her for breaking stereotypes.





Some even called out on Saudi’s hypocrisy by reminding them Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi where the first lady of United States of America was seen wearing dressing which exposed their legs and did not cover their heads with a scarf. If convicted the woman may have to pay a fine apart from being jailed for a specific period of time.



Last month a woman was detained for 73 days in Saudi for daring to drive in the place that bans female from driving.

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