Winter no more! Delhi witnesses warmest February 19 in 5 years

Warm days ahead, as Delhi is witnessing comparatively warm February. The temperature is likely to go up in the coming days.

Don’t be startled if you are witnessing comparatively warm February and have been going light on winter clothing in Delhi. Turns out, February 19 was the hottest February 19 in the last 5 years hinting that winter may be coming to an end sooner than you would expect in Delhi.

As per reports, Delhi residents on February 19 witnessed the warmest day of the season. Delhi recorded a highest temperature of 30.8°C and a minimum of 15°C on February 19. Last year, on February 29 the temperature went up to 30°C. however, this time the temperature has crossed the 30°C mark in the third week of the month itself. Delhi expected to record a temperature of 24°/10°C.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD)have asserted that Delhi is likely going to experience warm days ahead as the resident are going to witness plenty of sunshine in the coming days. On  February 20 Delhi is expected to record a temperature between 17°C and 31°C. In coming days, residents should prepare themselves to experience a daily high increasing from 22°C to 27°C over the course of the month. Additionally, the temperature is not even expected to drop below 12°C-15°C in the morning as well. Reports suggest that the reason the temperature is rising rapidly in the month of February is due to “successive Western Disturbances”.

Due to the rising temperature, there is also very little scope for rain and thunderstorms in the national capital. Not only Delhi but Mumbai has also been witnessing extremely warm February. The temperature went as high as 38.8°C on February 18.