Why BJP IT cell head Amit Malviya is wrong in comparing Pt Nehru with Hardik Patel

Amit Malviya in a tweet compared Hardik Patel's sex-tape controversy with Pandit Nehru

BJP’s IT cell head just made another ridiculous remark. After justifying Mahatma Gandhi’s murder by Nathuram Godse, Amit Malviya has ruffled feathers by comparing Patidar leader Harik Patel with the former Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru.

In a bid to take a shot at Patel whose intimate moments with a woman went viral on social media, Malviya shared a collage on Twitter comparing him with Nehru’s saying “it seems Hardik has more of Nehru’s DNA.”

Here’s his tweet:

While Malviya seems to have done his bit (recklessly, though), it is important to note the truth behind these images.

The first image shows Nehru greeting his sister Vijaylakshmi Pandit during his US visit in 1949 and the second image shows the former prime minister sharing a light moment with Edwina Mountbatten in public. While the fifth image shows Nehru congratulating Mrinalini Sarabhai after her Manushya performance in Delhi, the sixth image shows Nehru applying the ceremonial Tilak to Jacqueline Kennedy.

Clearly, Malviya didn’t get his facts straight before making the comparison. Do you agree? Tell us what you feel in the comments section.