While Pak gives death to Kulbhushan Jadhav, this is how India is treating a Pakistani spy

India's repeated request to extradite Sajeed Muneer to Pakistan has fallen on deaf ears

A Pakistani military court has awarded death sentence to Kulbhushan Jadhav on charges of espionage while authorities in India are feeding and sheltering a Pakistani spy who has been ignored by his own country. Sajeed Muneer was jailed for 12 years in Bhopal after he was found guilty of spying for Pakistan.

India’s repeated request to extradite Sajeed to Pakistan has fallen on deaf ears. Islamabad seems to have disowned its own citizen to save embarrassment.

Security agencies arrested Sajeed in 2004 following specific intelligence inputs while carrying confidential defence documents, reports Times of India. “Sajeed was released from jail on June 5 after 12 years of imprisonment for spying on Army bases in Bhopal for ISI,” a police officer told the daily.

Sajeeb came under ISI’ net while he was on run in a murder case, he had killed a youth in Karachi to avenge his brother’s muder. Pakistan intelligence officer promised to save him from Karachi police if was ready to work for him in India, the TOI report says.

After his release, Sajeeb has become Bhopal police’s responsibility and the district special branch (DSB) has been paying for his food and other necessities for 10 months now. He has been kept at a place near Koh-e-Fiza police station in Bhopal.