While Delhi Is The 'Crime Capital', This Is The 'Safest City' In India

Chennai also has the fewest cyber crimes with only 52 cases recorded

As per the latest NCRB data, Chennai is the safest metropolitan city in India for women and children. It received 642 cases between 2015-2017 for crimes against women while the number of crimes against children and violent crimes saw a dip. Chennai also has the fewest cyber crimes with only 52 cases recorded.

More than half the incidents of cybercrime in 2017 were motivated by fraud, the report, which was released on Monday, said. “During 2017, 56 per cent of cybercrime cases registered were for the motive of fraud (12,213 out of 21,796 cases) followed by sexual exploitation with 6.7 per cent (1,460 cases) and causing disrepute with 4.6 per cent (1,002 cases).”

Two hundred and six cases of cybercrime were registered for inciting hate against the country, and 139 were committed with political motives. One hundred and ten cybercrimes were related to terrorist activities.

Countrywide, the rate of cybercrime — that is, the number of cybercrimes committed per 1,00,000 population — in 2017 was 1.7, the report shows. The most cybercrimes per 1,00,000 population were committed in Karnataka (5) in 2017; Telangana was next, with a rate of 3.3 cybercrimes per 1,00,000 population, followed by Maharashtra (3) and Uttar Pradesh (2.2).