When an Aadhaar card made 3 missing children reunite with their families

These three children, with special needs, were separated from their parents and were brought to orphanages in Bengaluru

Aadhaar card may not have been designed to bring together families but the identification card proved to be a godsend for these parents whose children had gone missing in Bengaluru. During a drive to get Aadhaar cards made for children in an orphanage in Bengaluru, it was found that three children already had their cards made.

These three children, with special needs, were separated from their parents and were brought to orphanages in Bengaluru. As per a report in the NDTV, when the biometric data of Monu was recorded, it was found that his details matched with a child named Narendra, who belonged to Madhya Pradesh. When his family was contacted, it was found that he was missing.

His father got a call on his neighbour’s phone number that his child had been found. When he spoke to Monu, he realised that the kid was indeed his son. He was overwhelmed and thanked god. “We were distressed and tried looking for him but without success. He was lost from home. Now after two years, I found him and I am so happy. It was because of his grace that we found him,” Ramesh recalled his experience.

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A similar incident happened with Om Prakash who could not get his Aadhaar card made since his details matched with a person of the same name from Jharkhand. Om Prakash’s father can now not stop praising the Aadhaar and talking about the benefits of the card. “Aadhaar card is essential. Therefore, everyone of all age group, from a child to an adult should get one. Because we had an Aadhaar card we benefitted,” his father said.

Another child, Neelakanta was also reunited with the family because of the Aadhaar details matched with a person in Tirupati.

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Recalling the investigation, Child Protection Officer Divya Narayanappa said that during the verification process, they came to know that the fingerprints of these children had already been recorded and since there were missing complaints against the kids too, they could track down the families of these children.

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