"What Will You Gain By Killing Us?" Interfaith Kerala Couple Pleads For Life On FB

In a Facebook live, Harison Haris, a native of Attingal, said that he has been receiving death threats ever since he uploaded a picture from his wedding

A Christian youth from Kerala has claimed that his life is under threat over his recent marriage to a Muslim woman. In a Facebook live, Harison Haris, a native of Attingal in his early 20s, said that he has been receiving death threats ever since he uploaded a picture from his wedding.

In the live video, shared on Wednesday, Haris appeared with his wife Shahana (19), saying that he doesn’t want to be “another Kevin”. Earlier in May, 23-year-old Kevin Joseph was murdered in a case of honour killing, for marrying an upper-caste woman.

Haris said, “I have been told that I will be killed at any time. I have been threatened by the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) and her relatives. They have threatened to kill my father, mother and my sister. We are scared to even call my dad and speak to him, that’s when we decided to upload such a video.” Haris and Shahana asked both the SDPI and the latter’s relatives to stop issuing threats to them.

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(Courtesy: Facebook./Harison Haris Attingal)

“I don’t want to end up on a poster like Kevin for marrying the woman I loved,” Haris added. Addressing her family, Shahana, who hails from Valapattanam in Kannur, asserted that she has gotten married of her own accord and has not converted to Christianity. “I did not think of religion or caste when I fell in love or when I married him. I am still a Muslim, he hasn’t converted me, I haven’t said that I will convert. I have gone with him on my own will. What will you gain by killing us? You have nothing to gain. I don’t want to be killed, I want to live with him,” she said.

Earlier, after the couple eloped, both families lodged a missing person’s complaint. Five days later on Thursday, the couple presented themselves before the Attingal police.

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Speaking to The News Minute, Haris’s father Stephen said, “He had been missing for five days. The last time he came home was on July 14. After that, we came to know that he eloped with the woman, and there has been no communication from his side. We then filed a complaint with the police and today they appeared before the police.” According to the report, Stephen reserved his statement over the allegations of death threats to the couple.

While Haris has been released, Shahana is yet to be produced before a magistrate with regards to the missing person complaint.

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