Wedding photo of Kerala Left leader Geetha Gopi's daughter laden with gold goes viral

CPI MLA Geetha Gopi is facing the ire after images of her daughter, donning a huge amount of gold jewellery, were seen floating on the social media

Lavish weddings of politicians and their family members in nothing new. But amid the Kerala assembly calling to control spending on weddings, CPI MLA Geetha Gopi is facing the ire after images of her daughter were seen floating on the social media. Geeta’s daughter is seen donning a huge amount of gold jewellery.

The elaborate arrangements by Geeta, who represents the Nattika constituency in Thrissur, are being criticised by many. Several leaders are also saying that it is an ‘embarrassment’ to the party claiming that such pomp and show does not suit a party leader.

Geeta however, defended her actions saying that she did what any parent would have done for her daughter. “We did not overdo anything. Traditionally, we are supposed to give our daughter something and we did only that,” she told a Malayalam website.

She also told The Times of India that it wasn’t just her gifts but her daughter was also wearing ornaments gifted by others. She said that the family purchased gold ornaments weighing 50 sovereigns but the remaining were gifted by relatives. She reportedly claimed that the rent of the Poonthanam auditorium at Guruvayur in Thrissur was Rs 1 lakh, but the food per person was only worth Rs 50 only.

Mathrubhumi Online has reported that the state executive of the party has asked the Thrissur district council for an explanation from Geetha and conduct a probe into the expenses.

CPI state joint secretary Prakash Babu was quoted as saying that display of luxury is not acceptable to the party. “There are norms for party workers and activists on such issues. Being an MLA she should have been cautious not to violate them,” she said.

Here is how Twitter is reacting to the controversy: