Watch: Truck carrying beer topples in Telangana, villagers rejoice

A truck carrying beer bottle overturned near a village in Nalgonda district of Telangana. What happened next will leave you surprised

Oktoberfest is a popular beer fest that is held in Germany during the months of September and October. But the locals of a village in Nalgonda municipality of Telangana had their own beer bash on Thursday. A truck carrying around 350 beer cartons skid off the road when the driver tried to avoid an animal.

After getting to know about the mishap, the locals went to rescue the driver. However, people did not only help the driver but helped themselves as well as some of them grabbed the beer bottles at their will. Most of the locals had their hands full with free booze and also asked their family members and friends to grab as much as they could on their behalf.

The loss due to the plunder has been estimated at around Rs 50,000, police said. “There was initial frenzy, but we contained the situation soon,” Rajasekhar Reddy, SI, told The Hindu. Due to the mishap, traffic came to a standstill but the police, with the help of some volunteers, were able to clear the road after removing the broken bottles. Meanwhile, the driver of the truck escaped unhurt.

According to reports, the truck was traveling from a warehouse in Nalgonda to a private store in Huzurnagar.

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Interestingly, a minister from the neighbouring state Andhra Pradesh had claimed that beer was healthier than other forms of alcohol and the N Chandrababu Naidu government would promote its consumption. According to media reports, KS Jawahar had said the government could not change the drinking habits of people, but at least could make those drinks available that had less alcohol content.