Watch: This school boy from UP speaking on demonetisation, Mayawati & Kejriwal makes more sense than any politician ever made

The video surfaces a day after PM Modi doubled down on government's controversial decision to scrap high value notes in Parliament.

A video of a school-going boy talking about Indian politics is going viral on Facebook. The boy, who looks like a Standard 11 or 12 student, is seen in the video presenting his viewpoints on the controversial demonetisation drive, need for better educated leaders in Indian politics and Mayawati, among several topics he touches upon.

The video, which involves a Hindi news channel reporter interviewing the boy, kicks off with the boy asking Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make public the government data that elaborates on the gains out of the government’s note-ban exercise. “The government says that they have rooted out black money from the system. Show us the data. If you look at it now, no major politician was inconvenienced during the entire cash ban. It was just us the common folk who bore the brunt,” the boy, who is wearing a blue pullover, remarks.

The Facebook video, uploaded by a user, surfaces a day after Modi made a speech in Parliament during which he doubled down on government’s decision to scrap high-denomination currency notes on Nov 8 last year.

The boy had a word of praise for educated politicians, reckoning that Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) helped him understand politics better. “It is always good to have educated politicians.”

A self-proclaimed admirer of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) president Mayawati, he defended the statues of Dalit icons that the former Uttar Pradesh chief minister (CM) got built across the state during her tenure. “I come from a backward-caste. There was no place where we could gather as every public place used to be reserved for people from higher castes. By erecting these statues, Mayawati has given us people a place which we can call our own,” he said.

While you may disagree with many of this boy’s political views, one thing that’s come out for sure is his knack of making political sense.

Bhakts and liberals, do take note!