Watch: RSS leader announces Rs 1 crore bounty on Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan's head

The controversial video is also laden with inflammatory comments against the minority community.

A Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh leader has announced a bounty of Rs 1 crore on the head of Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan. Holding him responsible for the death of Sangh workers in the state, Kundan Chandrawat said he would sell off his entire property  and give it to the person who brings him the head the Vijayan.

Chandrawat, the office bearer of RSS in Ujjain, made the remarks at an event in the holy city on Wednesday  in the presence of BJP MP Chintamani Malviya and MLA Mohan Yadav. The video is also laden with inflammatory comments  against the minority community.  He said, “Have you forgotten Godhra, 56 were killed , we sent 2000 to graveyard”. “You have killed 300 RSS workers, leftists listen to us! we will offer garland of 3 lakh people to Bharat Mata”

After the event, Chandrawat said, “It was my personal view, I have give an explosive statement just like Bhagat Singh used bomb on Britishers.They must know Hindus aren’t sleeping.”

Reacting to RSS leader remarks, Vijayan said,” Sangh Parivar has taken heads of several people”

Vijayan has been critical of  right-wing organisations including RSS and alleged that they have been trying to divide the country for the last several years.

“The RSS has adopted the organisational structure of Mussolini and the ideology of Hitler. The two dictators had terrorised the world,” he had said.

In India, the RSS has now identified Muslims, Christians and Communists as their internal enemies and were carrying out attacks to eliminate them,” Vijayan had said.