WATCH: Policemen caught having a gala time drinking beer inside police station in MP

A group of policemen were caught drinking beer on duty and having a gala time while at it in what is being assumed as Holi celebration

Just days after the joyous occasion of Holi, a new video has surfaced where a group of policemen can be seen having a gala time drinking beer inside a police station while on duty in Gwalior city of Madhya Pradesh. A number of police officers have been suspended in the past for drinking on duty while wearing a uniform.

In the video, you can see the police officers who are immersed in colour drinking beer and laughing out loud. While the police officers were in uniform some unidentified people celebrating along can also be seen in the video. You can also see some people playfully feeding each other alcohol. One of the police officers also tried to forcefully make a person drink beer.

Have a look:

Financial Express reported a senior official saying that the policemen are allowed to celebrate Holi with water and colours but no one is allowed to consume liquor, further adding that the festival was celebrated a day after since the policemen weren’t allowed a holiday on Holi.

It is ironic, though. The Gwalior police, who themselves ran a campaign requesting people not to drink alcohol while playing Holi on the streets, were found consuming a day after. They warned the people of strict action if found indulging in drunken revelry, and here they are—15 policemen, including two ASIs, were suspended as per the reports by India Today.

Not very long ago, a Mumbai police officer was suspended after he turned up drunk while on duty.