Watch: Man found cockroaches in Café Coffee Day's fridge, gets slapped by female staff

A man was slapped by a CCD employee after he raised an alarm about the unhygienic conditions and cockroaches in the fridge

In a shocking incident. a customer who visited Café Coffee Day (CCD) outlet in Jaipur was slapped by one of the female employees after he spotted cockroaches in the fridge and started recording the unhygienic conditions. A customer visited the CDD outlet in Hawamahal, Jaipur and noticed cockroaches and other bugs inside the fridge where the food was kept.

Following which, the man identified as Arpan verma raised an alarm and brought it to the notice of the employees who did not pay much heed to the complaint and continued serving food from the same fridge that housed a number of cockroaches. Agitated over the filthy and unsanitary conditions, he brought the issue to the notice of other customers. Instead of apologising the employees asked him to leave the cafe while some of them even started hurling abuses at him.

He took out his phone and started filming the entire episode in a bid to show the dirty conditions under which the food was exposed in the fridge. However, out of nowhere one of the female employees came forth and slapped him while accusing of taking pictures of her. “Why are you taking my picture,” she said.


“If in a place of this girl, there was a boy who would have slapped a girl for recording a video with the sole intent of letting all know that there were cockroaches in the food served by CCD and the boy justifying the slap by saying, ‘Aap meri photo kyun kheech rahi hain’ it would have been a top story with furore all over but here it is only a boy getting slapped by a disgruntled girl employee for showing the truth. No big deal right?,” he wrote in a post.