Watch: Indian National Anthem Jana Gana Mana sung by Chinese, Pakistanis, Americans and Japanese

This Independence day, take a look at people from China, Japan, Kenya and other nationalities singing the Indian national anthem

70 years ago on this day, India gained freedom from the colonial power. After over 90 years of the freedom struggle, the first national flag was hoisted in Independent India on August 15, 1947, at Fort St. George. We have all grown up listening to the national anthem and have been taught to stand up when it plays as a mark of respect. The soul-stirring tune and the profound lyrics certainly do not fail to the rouse patriotic emotions in every Indian out there who are aware of the Indian freedom struggle.

The Indian national anthem, Jana Gana Mana that manages to make our chest swell with pride was written by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore and was originally written in Bengali. The national anthem was first sung during a convention of the Indian National Congress on December 15, 1911. The song was officially declared as country’s national anthem on January 24, 1950.


The national anthem has a way to remind you of the inimitable sacrifices our brave freedom fighters made to free the nation from the clutches of the British. It manages to inculcate a rush of emotions mixed with pride within you for your country.

With sound, without sound, lip sync, no lip sync, over the years, there have been a thousand versions of our national anthem that left us awestruck. Recently,  Indian Acapella Band Voxchord sang Pakistani National anthem as a gift for their Independence Day. And it was no less than magical.

We also came across several people belonging to different nationalities sending us their love by signing the Indian national anthem. Take a look at these amazing renditions of the Indian national anthem sung by people from various countries that is sure give you goosebumps.




United States

Italian-Canadian Natalie Di Luccio sings Indian national anthem


United Kingdom


Lastly, here’s a video of different people from all over the world coming in one frame to sing the Indian National anthem.

Happy Independence Day, India.

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