Watch: IIT Madras student who was thrashed for allegedly organising beef fest, reveals details of the attack

Amid uproar over beef ban, IIT Madras student was allegedly thrashed for allegedly organising beef fest and a discussion on beef ban

Just days after a student of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) Madras, Suraj was thrashed for allegedly organising a beef fest within the campus, the victim has come out to reveal what actually happened the day he was beaten up. Suraj who is undergoing treatment in the hospital said that the accused identified as Manish allegedly approached him and asked him if he eats beef and started beating him up when he said that he does eat beef.

“He asked me “Will you eat beef?” I replied saying, ” Yes I eat beef” and started eating the beef. Just when I was about to put the food in my mouth, he hit the back of my head. I was shocked and could not process what was happening. I was trying to get up and he caught me by my hair and started hitting my face and head. I got few blows on eyes and nose. I started bleeding,” Suraj said.

“My friend tried to stop him but when Manish’s friends intervened and stopped my friend and slapped him for trying to stop him. Some other people came and stopped him. Throughout the incident, he kept shouting that ‘you had beef, I will kill you’. Manish’s intention was to kill me as he did not stop from hitting me even when I was bleeding,” he added.

PhD scholar Suraj R from the Aerospace Engineering department was allegedly thrashed on May 30 by the right-wing leaders after he reportedly co-organised the discussion on ‘Beef ban and distribution of Beef’ event that was reportedly held at IIT Madras on 28 May.

Earlier this week, a number of students studying at the IIT-Madras organised a beef festival inside the campus to protest against central government’s move to ban the sale and purchase of cows for slaughter at animal markets.

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