Watch: How this Tamil Nadu cop risked his own life to save a passenger from coming under a train

This Tamil Nadu cop risked his own life to save a passenger from being crushed by a train. Watch the dramatic footage here

Amid numerous cases of public apathy popping up every other day across the country, instances of a humbling portrayal of humanity do not fail to astonish you. A Tamil Nadu police officer identified as K Shanmugham risked his own life to save a passengers life who could have been crushed under a train if not for the cop.

In a CCTV footage that is now being shared on social media, you can see a man trying to get on the train, the Dadar Express while it had already started moving. The man lost his balance and slipped just when he stepped on the train. He desperately tried hanging on to the handle of the door trying his best not to come under the train. However, Shanmugham who standing nearby did not waste a minute and rushed to help the man who would have otherwise crushed by the train.

Shanmugham caught him and made efforts to pull the man who was stuck in between the train’s floor and the tracks while the train continued to move. After struggling for a few seconds, Shanmugham was successful in pulling him to safety. The man reportedly boarded the same train after the situation was under control.

Watch the dramatic video here:

While speaking about his heroic act, Shanmugham said that he was only doing his duty and all that he thought at the very moment was to save the man. “The only thought I had at the time was to save him somehow,” he said.

Talking about the incident, the cop said that it has been noticed that people reach the railway station at the last moment and that they should come slightly earlier to avoid being in such a situation. “Nowadays, a lot of people reach the station at the last moment. They should come at least half an hour or an hour before so that such incidents don’t happen,” Shanmugham stated.

It is also being reported that Shanmugham might just be nominated for the annual bravery award for his brave act.