Watch: Congress digs out an old video which PM Narendra Modi might not like

The Congress party has dug out an really old video which may not make Prime Minister Narendra Modi very happy. Watch the video here

Just a day before the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is set to be implemented, the Congress has tweeted out an old video where Narendra Modi can be heard saying that ‘GST can never be a success.” The video was presumably shot when Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

He had criticised GST when it was proposed by Manmohan Singh-led UPA government at the Centre. Opposition leaders have thus repeatedly questioned Modi over why he was against it when the UPA formulated it but is backing it now when he is the PM. and his party, the BJP, was in the Opposition.

With the hastag GST Tamasha, the Congress posted an 11-second video with a caption, “This is what Modi ji & the BJP really think of GST.”

However, Modi had defended himself in the Lok Sabha saying that he had his doubts then which have been addressed now. “I had many doubts. I had discussed it with Pranab Mukherjee (the then-then Finance Minister in UPA government) many times,” Modi had said in his speech during a discussion on GST in the House.

He also added that since he has been the CM of a state, he has been able to use his experience to address the concerns on GST as a Prime Minister. He had stated that his government has been able to overcome the flaws that had been there in the provisions of GST. He had also given a detailed account of how the states will benefit from the implementation of the GST.

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