Watch: BJP MLA caught on camera creating ruckus at Jaipur-Nagaur Highway toll

Around 50 vehicles of the BJP MLA Sriram Bhinchar's convoy passed without paying the toll tax.

In yet another incident of ill-treatment by the VVIP, a Bhartiya Janata Party MLA from Makrana, Sriram Bhinchar was caught on camera arguing and pushing toll employee on Jaipur-Nagaur Highway.

MLA Sriram was caught on camera creating ruckus and pushing a toll plaza employee when his car convoy passed without paying the toll tax. In a video posted by the ANI on its Twitter handle, BJP MLA can be seen pushing toll employee and getting his convoy passed without paying the toll.

According to media reports, around 50 vehicles of the BJP MLA’s convoy passed without paying the toll tax.

However reacting on this incident, MLA Sriram has denied the allegation of threatening the toll employee. He said that he did not threatened any of the employees of the toll plaza and that some of them do not even know the difference between an MLA pass, a driving licence and an ATM Card.