Wanting to ditch girlfriend on Goa trip, Hyderabad man sends major hijack threat

With the help of experts, police managed to trace the IP address which led to his arrest

The email received by Mumbai police regarding the suspected hijack threat on the major airports of the country turned out to be a hoax. Police has arrested the person who sent out a mail to the police. He pulled it so that he cancel a trip to Goa with his girlfriend.

Vamshi , a 32-year-old transport agent was going through a financial crunch and wanted to cancel his trip. He created the whole plan so that his tickets can be cancelled after the airports put on high alert. He sent the hoax mail to DCP Mumbai which stated terror attacks on the airports of Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai.

After receiving the email, police started its investigation and found out that the mail was sent from Hyderabad. With the help of experts, police managed to trace the IP address which led to Chowdhary’s arrest.

B Limba Reddy, DCP Task Force said, “His girlfriend stays in Chennai. She proposed a trip to Mumbai and Goa. He requested his girlfriend to cancel his girlfriend to cancel the trip but she declined. As he was facing financial problems, he hatched this plan to make her believe that flights have been cancelled because of high alert at the airports.”

On April 16, security of the Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad airports were beefed up after receiving the email which cited a hijack plan.

Earlier, DG CISF O P Singh had said, “the email was received by DCP Mumbai and the e-mail can be a hoax but we did not want to take any chance”.