Villagers sending elderly members of the family to be killed by tigers in UP

Villagers are using the elderly members of their family and sending them to forest as Tiger prey for the most disturbing reason in UP
In an extremely disturbing trend that seems to be picking up in Uttar Pradesh, older members of the family are sent to the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve to be killed by Tigers just so that the family of the dead can seek compensation from the government. The authorities are suspecting that the old villagers are sent as tiger prey in the forests and their kin later claim a lot of money from the government after the bodies are found. It must be noted that the villagers cannot claim compensation from the government if their relatives die in the forest reserve.

According to a Times of India report, the incident came to the light after Kalim Athar from the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) examined the recent tiger attacks that have occurred in the area and landed up to a conclusion that the locals could be involved. The official from the government agency checked specific cases and suspected that it is possible that the villagers were doing this on purpose. The authorities will now reportedly approach the National Tiger Conservation Authority to decide the further course of action.

The daily further reported that the villagers asserted that the older members did it by choice and this was the only way their family could some money. “They think that since they can’t get resources from the forest, this is the only way their families can escape poverty,” Times of India quoted a farmer from the village as saying.

A 55-year-old woman was mauled by a tiger in her field on July 1. The officials who came for inspection asserted that the woman was not killed on the field but 1.5 km inside the forest since her clothes were found elsewhere and tractor marks showed that her body had been dragged out the field and dumped there.

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