Vijay Mallya reacts on 'Chor Chor' remark during India vs South Africa match [Watch Video]

Vijay Mallya who attended the court hearing in Westminster Court in London finally responded to the "Chor Chor" remark during a match in UK

Business tycoon, Vijay Mallya who is facing money laundering charges attended an extradition hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London on June 13. His son Siddharth Mallya was also spotted at the hearing. While speaking to the media, Vijay Mallya said that he had enough evidence to prove his case.

“I have nothing to say, I deny all allegations. I have not eluded any court,” Vijay Mallya told the reporters adding that he had enough proof to defend himself. When asked about what he had to say about the incident where he was welcomed with “Chor Chor” chants during India Vs South Africa match, Mallya asserted that no one called him a “thief” back then and there were only two people shouting.

“I was not called a thief that day by the crowd at the Oval ground. Two drunk people were shouting but several others came and wished me well,” Mallya said. Trying to evade questions by the reporters Mallya said that he will not answer any questions and that the reporters should have substantial facts to justify the questions. “Keep dreaming about the billion pounds, provided you have facts to justify your questions,” Vijay Mallya told the media after attending the hearing.


Last week, Vijay Mallya was welcomed with “Chor Chor” chants as he made an appearance at Kennington Oval, London to witness the India vs South Africa’s virtual quarter-final in ongoing ICC Champions Trophy 2017. He quietly walked in and took his seats without responding to the remark.