Video of traffic cop taking bribe goes viral, gets more than 500,000 views

On March 17, Sridhar Vemula shared the video on the Facebook page of Hyderabad Traffic Police

A traffic police official was sacked for taking a bribe from a person who was not wearing a helmet, the incident that occurred in Hyderabad was recorded by a local resident. With over 500, 000 views in last 8 days, the video has gone viral on social media.

Sridhar Vemula, who recorded the incident shared it on the social media. In the video, traffic official can be seen asking the man on two-wheeler as why he not wearing a helmet and after some conversation the person is seen taking out his wallet and giving money to the cop. Few other officials can be seen  standing few metres away from the cop but from the video it seems that they have no idea of what’s happening.

On March 17,  Vemula shared the video on the Facebook page of Hyderabad Traffic Police. However, it took 24 hours for the officials to respond to the incident. In their reply, officials wrote, “Action will be taken….”

The video taken by Vemula not only got more than 500,000 views but has also been shared over 10,000 times. It also received sharp responses from the people. Reacting on the video, some asked to sack the cop from immediate effect whereas some hold the person giving bribe equally responsible.

“Who is going to control this type of bribery ..shame to Telangana police”, wrote Thumma Ramakrishna on Facebook.

Mohd Tanveer wrote, “Dont blame only police the two have commited crime the person is also equally criminal, if he is a good citizen he would have paid the challan not beg like a dog”.