Chinese workers are checking safety of a glass bridge by smashing it with sledgehammers!

How do you test the strength of a glass walkway in sky? By smashing it with sledgehammers?

Or by jumping on it to check if it cracks? Sounds weird, right?

Not for Chinese.

A video has emerged on social media showing Chinese workers carrying out a safety check on a newly built glass walkway in south-west China. However, the exercise looks more like a near-death experience than a run of the mill task related to construction and infrastructure.

Even though the impact of sledgehammers resulted into cracks, the workers happily stomped on the shattered glass, the video shows.

The 600 feet-high Danlushan Glass walkway has been built on the edges of a vertical cliff. The walkway will be thrown open for tourists on February 8

All this for a safety trial!

Watch the video