Unemployed youth steals uncle's car to bear girlfriend's financial expenses

Police said, "Siddharth confessed to the crime. He told police that he had been dating a girl pursuing MBA and used to bear her expenses, but for past four months he was struggling financially after he got sacked from a company"

One has often heard that everything is fair in love in war, seems like a boy from Delhi took it too seriously and conned his one of his relative. The reason that he took this step was to make his girlfriend happy by bearing her expenses.

According to a report in The Indian Express, the incident came to light when the accused Siddharth’s uncle registered a police complaint after his car got stolen on May 14. It was Siddharth who took his uncle’s car and when he came back home, he told that the car has been stolen.  Siddharth accompanied his uncle and father to the police station when they went there to lodge the complaint and also recorded his statement.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (central) M S Randhawa said, “Siddharth, was working as a sales executive with a private company before he lost the job, he stole the car on May 14 and took it to a secluded area in Kaushambi. After parking the car, he returned home and told police that somebody had stolen the car.”

After stealing the car Siddharth asked a friend to search for a buyer. His friend got a buyer who was willing to purchase the car for 5 lakhs and asked him to come to Rajghat. On a tip-off, police received an information that Sidhharth is driving the stolen car with the same number plate and a team of police reached the spot and arrested him.

During interrogation, Siddharth confessed to the crime. He told police that he had been dating a girl pursuing MBA. He said he used to bear her expenses, but ever since he lost his job about four months ago, he had been struggling financially.He stole his uncle’s car after getting duplicate keys made”.