Types Of Parents Outside An Examination Hall

After all, it's exam time!

With the advent of March, most of Bengal witnesses a ritual unlike any other. Middle-aged men and women of different shapes and sizes start camping outside school gates. More often than not, they have a quizzical expression on their face and an offering of tender coconut water in their hands (tender coconut water, along with  Boroline and Gelusil, is the answer to all ailments for Bengalis).

These men and women, who are perpetually on verge of a nervous breakdown for most of the month, require no special assistance. All they want is a satisfied smile on their child’s face. That will be the reward for them roughing it out for hours outside an examination hall for no apparent reason.

The scene, we suspect, is not different for rest of India too. In this video, team InUth tries to decode the kinds of Indian parents you find outside examination halls. After all, it’s all about loving your parents.