AIMPLB takes on triple talaq, Twitter takes on them

Within minutes, Twitter was abuzz with posts ridiculing AIMPLB for their stance on the issue.

Even as the All India Muslim Personal Law Board opposes the ban on triple talaq and trashes Uniform Civil Code, social media had no qualms panning the body on the stance. Within minutes, Twitter was flooded with posts lambasting the AIMPLB and endorsing Uniform Civil Code, an issue that has been raised to death by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party.

While opposition parties like the AIMIM rushed in support to voice dissent against the common law, the Modi government and his army of supporters would be amused on reading the tweets.

Former Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju, known for his strong comments on various issues, took no time to express his displeasure of the board.

“Much of the Muslim personal law is totally outdated and inhuman, but it is not allowed to be changed due to vote bank politics,” he tweeted.

Renowned Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen too endorsed Uniform Civil Code on social media.

“If uniform civil code is not good for nation, then democracy, secularism, equality, justice are not good for nation,” she posted.


Soon, Pakistan-born author Tarek Fatah was harsh on the Muslim body and left no stone unturned in his criticism.

“Moustacheless bearded Indian Mullahs insist on Sharia, Polygamy & T-Talaq. Say, #UniformCivilCode not good 4 nation,” he tweeted.


The AIMPLB on Thursday trashed the Law Commission’s proposal seeking public opinion on various issues including triple talaq and Uniform Civil Code.

Meanwhile, union minority affairs minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi called for a healthy debate with the AIMPLB on the issue.

“Many Islamic nations have carried out reforms. The AIMPLB have put forth their view, now we need a healthy debate,” he told ANI.