MP: Infant found breastfeeding on dead mother, sheltered at children's home; cops look for kins

Toddler tries to breastfeed as mother lies dead near railway track in Madhya Pradesh

Heartbreaking visuals of a toddler clinging to his dead mother’s breast, crying and trying to feed himself, is making rounds on social media. The woman was found dead  near a railway track in Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday morning. The infant was clinging to her, weeping, trying to nudge her awake. The gut-wrenching incident was captured on camera by a few people at the spot.

Police suspect that the woman either fell off the train or hit by one. The wounds suggest she fell on the back of her head, and died of the concussion and bleeding. However, the infant was saved as the mother was probably holding the baby close to her chest when she fell.

“She was injured but probably conscious … opened a biscuit packet and gave some to the child. She breastfed her child to ensure he survives,” a police officer told Hindustan Times.

When the police officials took away the mother’s body the child’s wailing moved them to core.  “The child wailed aloud when he was separated from his mother,” he added.

The tragedy did not just end there, when the two were taken to the government hospital. Officials allegedly refused to take in the the child as there was no one to pay the admission fee of Rs 10. However, a ward boy gave the money on toddler’s behalf to get the process started,  the NDTV report said.

The 14-month-old has been sheltered at a children’s home. Meanwhile, officials are trying to locate his family member or relative who may turn up.  Cops are looking for more clues as they only found a purse near the deceased woman.