To rectify gender imbalance, IITs to provide 14% special quota for women from 2018 

For past few years, a decline in the number of women students was being observed

The prestigious engineering institutions of the country, Indian Institute of Technology will admit more women students from 2018. The joint admission board took the decision on Saturday in order to tackle with the decline in the number of women students.

The board recommended an increase of as many as 600 seats that means a hike of 14% in number the seats allotted to women, which will take the total quota to 1440 seats.

For past few years, a decline in the number of women students was being observed. In the year 2014, approx 8.8% women took admission in IITs, however, a rise in the number of women admitted to IITs was observed in 2015 as the figure went up to 9%.

But in 2016, it again went down to 8%. The issue of the decline in the number of women students taking admission in IITs raised concern.To rectify the problem, the board formed a committee headed by professor Timothy Gonsalves to come up with a solution.

One of the members of the board said, “The supernumerary quota has been created to combat gender imbalance. Already the number of female aspirants taking the entrance is less. Even if they don’t qualify under general category, women will be admitted through the supernumerary quota.”

As supernumerary seats will be additional seats reserved for women candidates, therefore this not affect the current number of seats for male candidates.

On the decision of announcing quota to girl candidates from 2018, an official of Human Resource Development (HRD) said, “We expect increased interest among female candidates following this reservation.”